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Change Yourself

track your progress with inbody!


What is Inbody?

The Inbody270 allows you to monitor and track your progress making your fitness/health journey far more bespoke. 

The Inbdoy allows you to learn how much muscle mass you have in each segment of your body as well as learn how much body fat and water you are holding. Paired with my knowledge and understanding this data can be broken down and advice can be given on how different fitness routines, dietary changes and lifestyle modifications can positively effect your body composition, 

These scans are perfect for all whether you are a fitness enthusiast, just starting out or a athlete these scans can provide a range of different results that will allow you to progress and see statistical changes. 


Inbody Services:

Forge Focus £35.00 – a month membership, this is very popular among those make changes, whether that’s losing body fat, gaining muscle improving bone density. This membership gives you weekly scans and professional personal advice to change your body compositions.

One Off Body Scan £5 – this is just a one off scan which allows you to track your progress. 

Scan with short analysis £10 – Body scan with 10 min analysis breaking down your readings, and allowing you to see how to n make progress.

Scan with detailed body breakdown and analysis £25 – Essentially a Body MOT, this service allows for you to have a really good understanding as to what it is you need to do to make progressions within you Body composition. 


Our Other Classes

Ab Activator

A 25 minute Ab workout targeting your abs!
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Legs, Bums & Tums

Based around toning up and building strength.
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Saturday Morning Bootcamp

Tire Flips, Battle Ropes, Assault Course.
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Small Group PT

Weights - Barbells, Dumbbells, Cable Machines...
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Stretch & Relax

Focused around Stretching and Breathing!
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